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我們8折的車隊由數百名現役資深的士司機組成,24小時不停穿梭來往香港, 九龍及新界各區,乘客安全到達目的地,是我們應有的服務及責任,由於香港街道繁忙,各司機均會提供實制交通情況給乘客選擇最佳行車路線,乘客亦可提供理想行車路線前往目的地


Our fleet consists of hundreds of active and experienced taxi drivers. It is a 24-hour non-stop shuttle to and from Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. Passengers are safe to reach their destinations. Our services and responsibilities are due to the busy streets in Hong Kong.  Will provide real traffic conditions to choose the best driving route for passengers, passengers can also provide ideal driving routes to destinations  To provide your customers with the highest quality offer price and safety service indicators.

24 Hour on call service

Please call us 15 minutes before using the TAXI